Spatial mapping, simulation and optimisation of multi-energy systems. Following can be considered in HyFlow:

  • Energy carriers: electricity, heat, gas
  • Electricity: AC-load flow calculation
  • Heat & Gas: Steady-state load flow calcualtion

- Spatial mapping of energy networks based on physical network characteristics.

- Semi-dynamic load flow calculation taking into account the physical network properties.

- Energy storage and sector coupling elements with different modes of operation.

- Power plants and other generation facilities.




- Time-resolved consumption and generation data.

- Networkdata (e.g. pipe length, resistance)

- Properties of storage and sector coupling elements (e.g. power, ramp rate, storage capacity)



- Time-resolved load flow calculations

- Determination & identification of bottlenecks in the network infrastructure (e.g. line overload, voltage drop, excess pressure, under-temperature).

- Assessment of the operation of storage and hybrid elements (e.g., full load hours, time-dependent storage history/operation, revenues).



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