The global challenge of reducing the share of fossil fuels in the global energy systems to a minimum is based to a large extent on green (renewable) hydrogen.

In Austria, the traffic emits 30% and the industry including the energy sector around 44% of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). UpHy II will represent a complete green hydrogen value chain on an industrial scale from production, distribution and use in transport and industry. The frame of this project comprises an implementation of a 10 MW electrolysis in the OMV refinery in Schwechat, Vienna; a large-scale use of green hydrogen in the refinery, as well as the construction and operation of a highly available bus and truck filling station at Vienna Airport.




Within this project, the following key areas will be considered at the Chair of Energy Network Technology:

  • Analysis for market potential for renewable energy sources and the energy grid infrastructure for the production and storage of green hydrogen with electrolysis
  • Performing a spatially resolved RES potential analysis to determine maximum H2 production for various areas in Austria



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