Energy System Modelling & Transmission Infrastracture

The Energy System Modeling & Transmission Infrastructure working group deals with the development and analysis of integrated public energy systems at national and international level. Integrated energy systems connecting the traditional electricity, natural gas and heating grids with each other to enable improved system integration of volatile renewables using Power-to-Heat and Power-to-Gas. As new, exergy-optimized energy cascades can be set up, they also enable an improvement in primary energy efficiency.

In order to analyze energy systems, we develop various scenario models as a data basis model, which are intended to show potential development paths to a climate-neutral energy system. In doing so, we work with spatially finely resolved models that use state-of-the-art methods to map both the supply side (expansion of renewable energy sources PV, wind, water, biomass, geothermal energy, use of waste heat) as well as the demand side (different demand sectors).  With our "HyFlow" tool, spatially and time resolved network simulations and optimizations are carried out. The aim is to develop cross-energy carrier infrastructure solutions to make the energy system more flexible, efficient and fit for a climate-neutral future.

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Thomas Kienberger

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