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The Project Smart Business Models for lndustry focuses on the development of business models designed to help both industrial companies as weil as regional utilities in order to market their power plants flexibly andin a demand-based manner. Particular attention is paid to "network efficiency" to avoid expensive investments in energy networks by avoiding network overloads.

The network efficient use of flexibly deployable consumers will gain in importance in the Future in order to react to the increased use of volatile renewables. The industry can play a central role if economically viable business 1T1odels are created for them. That's what we are working on in the Smart Business Models for tndustry project.

Thomas Klenberger. Project Manager SBM_IND. Head of Chalr of Energy Network Technology. Montanuniversität Leoben

Main Goals

  • Implementation of digital technologies and services to enhance grid stability through intelligent control of industry based electrical loads and storages.
  • Design and demonstration of innovative business process architectures especiaily suitabie for small. iocal distribution system operators and their industrial customers.
  • Development of a Pre-Alpha-Software that ailows using industrial flexibility options as needed by using an automated IT algorithm.

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09/18 - 08/20





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Di-Mi 09:00-11:00


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