Main focus of the work at the Chair for Energy Network Technology 

Our research focuses on the analysis, modelling, simulation and optimisation of complex energy systems. 

Research focus "Systemic Energy Efficiency in Industry”

In this research focus group we pursue with methods such as dynamic exergy optimization. This approach makes complex industrial energy systems more efficient through energy recovery, preparing them for the use of renewable energies and making their potential for flexibility available both internally and for public energy supply. In particular, we focus on design and off-design solutions, whereby optimizations have recently gained in importance.

Research focus "Integrated Energy Systems"

In this research focus group we deal with hybrid (energy carrier-connecting) energy networks, which will gain importance for future energy systems involving coupled energy sectors. We use methods such as the cellular approach, to find solutions for the system integration of renewable energies and the necessary flexibility options in combination with knowledge-based and mathematical optimization algorithms. In particular, we focus on the integration of storage systems of different energy sources, demand-side management and new energy consumers such as electric vehicles or heat pumps, as well as industrial energy generation plants that can be used as required.


Opening hours

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Directions & location plan

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