The Mission Innovation Austria Award (MIA) honors exceptional achievements of researchers, corporations and project teams in the area of energy innovation. It is divided into four categories: Next Generation, Resilient Energy Systems, Tech Solution & Local Hero and Entrepreneuer. The category 'Next Generation' is dedicated to academic research & projects, wherein one of the four prices was awarded to DI Anna Traupmann. Congratulations on the excellent paper!

Title: Electric cell network models to overcome future challenges

Category: Next Generation (for academic scientific papers and projects)

Due to the high level of interconnection and the increasing number of modern grid components, electrical grids represent highly complex energy systems. As new consumer and producer structures increasingly put strain on the electrical grids, three aspects must be considered in the future: Digitalization, grid expansion and flexibilization. In order to meet these future challenges, suitable electrical grid models are required.

These enable scenario calculations over long periods of time and coupling with other energy sources. For this purpose, grid models must enable fast calculations which can be achieved by a lower level of detail, while still providing accurate results that correspond to the real grids. The presented master thesis addresses these problems by developing a corresponding grid reduction method. The methodology follows a cellular modelling approach, which allows for an efficient allocation of flexibility options, an increase in the degree of self-sufficiency and the support of decentralization and thus energy communities. The derived conclusions from these model calculations support the long-term development of our future grids.

The presented thesis addresses the future challenges by developing an innovative solution approach for modelling electrical grids. This work is currently being elaborated and enhanced with relevant questions within a doctoral thesis at the Chair of Energy Network Technology. This methodology shows one way in which we can manage to make our grids fit for the energy transition.
Within the category Next Generation, short videos were submitted, for which 4 young researchers were awarded and rewarded with prize money. This work was awarded 1.000,-€.

Date: 28.-29.4.2021 during the Mission Innovation Austria 2021



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