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Due to the success of the field of Energy Technology at the Chair of Thermal Processes, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Kienberger was appointed to the opened Chair of Energy Network Technology on September 1, 2014. The chair is engaged in research and teaching with a focus on systematic approaches to optimise the energy efficiency of complete systems along the value chain of the manufacturing industry.

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The degree of electrification of the Austrian railway infrastructure is relatively far progressed, whereby there’s further potential for a conversion from diesel-electric trains to renewable propulsion systems. The existing high-voltage grid of the railway infrastructure forms the basis for possible hydrogen production through electrolysis, grid stabilisation as well as expansion of renewable energy.

Main objective of HYTRAIL is the identification of possible hydrogen application potentials for the existing railway infrastructure. The options for the implementation in the rail operation as well as the elaboration of specific application scenarios aims for a near-term realization. Additional potentials regarding storage technology, refuelling technology and hydrogen supply for external customers will be evaluated.

By analysing the overall railway infrastructure regarding potential hydrogen applications an overview of technical feasibility will be provided. A comprising risk assessment addresses issues such as technology, safety and economic efficiency will be elaborated at the same time.



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