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Due to the success of the field of Energy Technology at the Chair of Thermal Processes, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Kienberger was appointed to the opened Chair of Energy Network Technology on September 1, 2014. The chair is engaged in research and teaching with a focus on systematic approaches to optimise the energy efficiency of complete systems along the value chain of the manufacturing industry.

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Lehrgang über Herstellung, Speicherung und Anwendung von Wasserstoff

In Austria today no comprehensive education considers the future-topic of Hydrogen. Therefore the Austrian Society for Society for Metallurgy and Materials (ASMET) joins the FFG 3. Call for “Qualfizierungsnetzwerke” aiming to initialize a qualification-network for “Hydrovation”.

The project-consortium covers besides ASMET high valued enterprises and universities. Stuff, sent by the consortiums small,- medium- and large-size enterprises do have basic-knowlegde in mechanical engineering, process engineering, materials engineering, ect,… but no further knowledge in Hydrogen-Technologies.

Aim of the project is to design a comprehensive course considering basics and application of Hydrogen-Technologies via 3 interconected major-parts, correspondent cross-section lectures and practical excursions. The focus is on the following major-parts:

  • Innovative Hydrogen Production (PEM and High-Temperature Electrolysis)
  • Storages for Hydrogen (in Energy-Systems and Mobility applications)
  • Application of Hydrogen (Mobility, Metallurgy, and Chemistry)

Cross-section lectures, relevant in all 3 major-parts relate to safety- and material-issues with Hydrogen. Professors from Montanuniversität Leoben and TU-Graz as well as experts from Industry provide the lectures being in strong interaction with the courses participants.

The course comprises 15 theoretical- and 4 practical units, one day each. Within the theoretical-units, designed as lectures, integrated discussions with the participants, for instance on case-studies, ect…, are intensively provoked. The practical education is done in small groups within the labs of Montanuniversität and TU-Graz.

With the connection and interaction of practice and theory, understanding of future overall-systems for Hydrogen should be gained.

The project-team concerns gender-issues as highly important and therefore integrates them beyond FFG’s requirements.



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