Notes on Practical Experience

Internship units can only be credited in integer multiples of 20 working days (full-time basis), with 20 working days corresponding to one of the four necessary Internship blocks (Part 1 – 4) of 7.5 ECTS each. Working days which are in excess of 20 days but do not reach at least one further unit of 20 days, can be accounted for after completion of the next unit. For a unit of 40 working days, it is possible to specify a second internship focus.

For each completed internship unit a) the form "Confirmation of Compulsory Internship" as well as b) a detailed activity report must be submitted to the Program Director (Prof. Kienberger).


The "Confirmation of Compulsory Internship" should have the following contens:

  • Period of internship
  • Type of employment: full time of part-time
  • Description in a few sentences, to ensure that the employment can be recognised as relevant to the degree

The purpose of the confirmation form is to confirm by the company the scope and content of work. In the case of part-time work, the amount of work must be converted to full-time equivalents and the conversion must be stated in the form (sum of all working hours divided by 8).

Here you will find the documents for your internship report:

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