Re-purposing Coal Power Plants during Energy Transition


This European funded accompanying measure is about the re-purposing potential of coal-fired power plants thus opening perspectives for coal regions in transition beyond of the coal phase out. Re-purposing of closed or end-of-life coal-related assets support the phasing out of fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil) and contributes to the economic, social and environmental development of coal regions in transition. It provides European and local communities with feasible reuse options and development, supports industry to innovate and triggers investments in environmentally-friendly technologies.

RECPP starts with mapping and screening of coal regions in transition structured by country, type, age etc. Specific site assets and commitments are taken into account (PPAs, steam supply to nearby industry, mines etc.). Objective of this study is collection and systematization of data referring to a set of preconditions for the sustainable use of assets of coal power stations in the process of phasing out. For investigation of the best sustainable re-purposing approach of such infrastructure, a strategic and essential number of typical power plants will be finally selected.

Simultaneously sustainable technical solutions for infrastructure re-uses are compiled and systematically described regarding boundary conditions for circular economy and sector coupling. Site specific solutions like energy production with renewables, geothermic energy production, H2 items, thermal energy storage using existing infrastructure, will be assessed with regard to savings for infrastructure re-use. In line with the objectives of the European Green Deal, special emphasis is given to innovative and emerging technologies supporting coal regions in transition finally proposing the best solutions for different former coal power plant sites.

At the end the sites specified and clustered will be matched with the available technologies for re-purposing of sites. Technologies may be suitable for a certain site only or for a number of sites depending on different criteria like legal issues, technical issues and market perspectives. The results will provide the best sustainable approach for re-purposing of existing infrastructure and support re-orientation of existing assets to circular economy and sector coupling.

RECPP (RFCS Grant Agreement number: 899512 – RECPP – RFCS-2019) is carried out from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022. Thirteen European operators of power plants and research institutions, coordinated by VGB, are core partner supported by the expertise of further associated partners.

The project is aiming at the inclusion of the entire industrial sector in three consecutive European workshops open for all stakeholders like local communities, authorities and politicians, NGO’s and academia.


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