The Abwärmekataster III Steiermark 2021 is part of the Climate and Energy Strategy Styria 2030 (KESS). The project consortium, consisting of the three partners AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies (consortium leader), the Chair of Energy Technology Network of Montanuniversität Leoben and e-think energy research, was commissioned to identify, survey and evaluate the waste heat sources of Styria, as well as to integrate the data into the Geographical Information System (GIS) Styria and to develop a concept for a stand-alone waste heat contact platform.


For the waste heat potential survey, various methods were used to obtain as accurate and broad a survey picture as possible. For the energy-intensive industry, an energy and material balance was carried out by means of a publication-based analysis of environmental reports, emission databases and other public available sources, from which waste heat sources could be derived. The remaining companies in the energy-intensive industry were evaluated using statistical data and derived key figures.

Furthermore, AEE sent out a questionnaire to all manufacturing companies in Styria for a waste heat potential survey.

Overall, the results showed a very large unused technical potential of 6,88 TWh/a, which corresponds to a share of 13% of the total Styrian final energy consumption (52,40 TWh). Compared to the heating sector, 27% of the required final heating energy demand of 25,78 TWh could be covered on balance.


Project duration:  01.09.2020 – 30.11.2021

Project partner (incl. logo): AEE INTEC – Institut für nachhaltige Technologien, e-think energy research


Founding source: This project was funded by the Province of Styria - Department 15 - Energy, Housing, Technology.


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