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Due to the success of the field of Energy Technology at the Chair of Thermal Processes, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Kienberger was appointed to the opened Chair of Energy Network Technology on September 1, 2014. The chair is engaged in research and teaching with a focus on systematic approaches to optimise the energy efficiency of complete systems along the value chain of the manufacturing industry.

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Local electric mobility implementation by hybrid coupling

Based on the results of the national funded exploratory projects “Smart Exergy Leoben” and “Energy Sponge Bruck”, the present implementation project aims at analysing how local, renewable resources support the supply of electric mobility in Leoben in the long term, and to integrate it into the municipal distribution grid in a good economic sense.

While the existing projects have their focus on one aspect of the urbane electric mobility, this project will develop a hybrid, cell-resolved layer model which serves to work off the “layers” of energy related issues of mobility, energy, business models and processes, as well as system-wide framework conditions. This approach will lead to a guideline that will allow many other Austrian medium-sized distribution system operators to develop the energy supply for electric mobility analogous to the project.

Within the context of this project, the following questions should be answered at the Chair of Energy Network Technology (EVT):

  • How can the potential of renewables be linked with the local demand of electric mobility?
  • How does the existing grid expansion of the electric distribution system correlate with the needed infrastructure for the integration of renewable potentials and with the charging infrastructure at different levels of penetration? Is it possible to minimize an expansion of the grid if measures of demand-side management are provided or if electricity of vehicle batteries is returned to the grid?
  • At which strategic locations should charging stations be made available in the region by taking into consideration the above-mentioned questions?


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